4 stages, 8 young circus companies with 35 artists! There will be a big open-air circus-spectacle on Sunday 12 May on the exhibition square right next to the festival tent! Basel goes Circus! Be part of it! The entry is free! 

Please downlaod here the entire open-air program of the festival!

And below you can find the open-air program on sunday 12 May on the exhibition square.

RoboPole (Germany)
Shows Sunday, 12 May, 13.30 h, 15.15 h, 16.45 h

Shows Sunday, 12 May, 11.30 h & 15.00 h

manoAmano Circo (Argentina)
Shows Sunday, 12 May, 14.00 h & 17.00 h

Tall Tales Company (Netherlands, UK)
Shows Sunday, 12 May, 13.00 h & 16.15 h

Circus Fahraway (Switzerland, USA)
Show Sunday, 12 May, 13.45 h

Aramelo (Luxembourg, Germany)
Shows Sunday, 12 May 12.00 h & 15.45 h

Avital & Jochen (Germany)
Shows Sunday, 12 May, 12.00 h & 15.45 h

15ft6 (Finland, UK, Frankreich)
Shows Sunday 12 May 12.00 h & 15.45 h

Davide Romeo (CH), David Melendy (USA)
Both David’s have graduated from the famous Dimitri School and will be part of the open-air program on Sunday as hosts/clowns.