YOUNG STAGE is supported by several persons working in the field of show & circus. Sincere thanks to all our members of the patronage:

Denise Biellmann, World Champion Ice-Sakting
Dr. Carlo Conti, Former Executive Council of the canton Basel-Stadt, former Patron YOUNG STAGE
David Dimitri, Artist / successful artist / tight rope artist
Masha Dimitri, Artist / Actress / Director
Ariella Käslin, European Champion in Gymnastics
Kris Kremo, Artist / Juggling legend
Hildegard Muntwyler, Circus Monti
Johannes Muntwyler, Circus Monti
Max Sieber, Showproducer & Stage Director
Bernard Thurnheer, Sportreporter, Showmaster
Adrian Steiner, Director DAS ZELT Chapiteau PostFinance
Catherine Steiner, President Club Chapiteau 
Richard Wherlock, Director & Choreograph BALLET BASEL
Nadine Imboden, Showproducer / Director
Anja Wyttenbach, Artist
Donghua Li, Olympic winner and World Champion in gymnastics


The patronage is open for new members.


For questions please contact our festival director: 
Nadja Hauser | | +41 78 746 80 36