The Shows

YOUNG STAGE unites the world’s elite of young circus artists, who present their great skills to an enthusiastic audience in a versatile, spectacular and emotional stage show. In a targeted selection process, hundreds of applications are sorted each year in order to finally invite the most talented and innovative artists to Basel. Every year in May, six breathtaking shows take place in the Event Hall of Messe Basel.

Tickets for the 2024 edition of the festival can be found HERE!

Information about the show

The show lasts about 2.5 hours and includes a break. On the last evening, the gala show including the award ceremony will follow as the highlight and conclusion of YOUNG STAGE 2024.

The artists

The artists will perform in all YOUNG STAGE shows in the Event Hall of Messe Basel. More information about the cast is available in March 2024.

The Host

No YOUNG STAGE without Max! Also in 2023 Max Loong is the voice and one of the old familiar faces of YOUNG STAGE. He is live presenter, entertainer and coversation partner in one and the connecting element in the festival show.


ÄL JAWALA – Arabic for “the hikers” are exceptional musicians, on the road in terms of Balkan brass and hot beats. The Äl Jawala message is clear: “We are one, everyone belongs together, so dance together. Diversity is richness, let’s celebrate it.”

With this attitude, the band is a perfect fit for YOUNG STAGE and has been thrilling audiences for several years now!

Direction & Choreography
Nobody can do it better! Nadine Imboden & Dimitri Lavrynenko are also on board this year and are – together with our artistic director – responsible for the direction and the choreography of the shows.