Open Air Circus Shows

6 – 7 May 2023

A giant spectacle for young and old. In order to promote young, innovative and creative circus in the best possible way and to offer it an uncomplicated platform, a freely accessible open air circus shows has also been taking place in Basel’s city center since 2018. Numerous circus companies from abroad perform on the open-air stage at Barfüsserplatz. In addition, children can try out various circus disciplines free of charge.

A few sunny, summery impressions of the Open Air Circus Spectacle can be found HERE!

Die Open Air Attraktionen!

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Les Ptits Bras

Each day at 14.00 and 17.00 h @ Barfüsserplatz

How would the audience feel if they could look behind the scenes ? If they really were backstage ! Exactly into the space where the artists reveal their intimacy when changing their clothes. Thanks to « Bruits de coulisses » you will be carried away in the heart of the Baroque era and witness a most unlikely show. Aerial acts in gold covered dresses will blow your mind. Fantasy and schoolboy jokes intertwine and merge. You will shiver with pleasure at the sight of some minuet dancing on a tightrope in a most funny and off the wall mood. In fact, you will look through a key hole on a circus performance whose stunning technical skill cannot be hidden whatsoever. The P’tits Bras – with your help – will be preparing the staging elements of an awesome performance. Silence now, and let the curtain rise !

Cie. manoAmano Circo “NOS03”

Each day at 14.45 and 18.00 h @ Barfüsserplatz

From the far South, manoAmano presents its new show, «NOSO3», where movement and emotion command. Like human puppets, the characters transport us to a dreamlike world in which objects escape gravity and bodies, at height, defy it. A mysterious being is born amidst laughter and invites us to free our heads… The manoAmano Circus Company does not fly, they know they never will, but they keep trying anyhow.

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Each day from 13 – 18 h @ Barfüsserplatz

On the circus course, the little ones can try out the various disciplines and become circus stars themselves. Would you like to balance, juggle, play diabolo and immerse yourself in the world of the circus? Then grab your mum and dad and come to Barfüsserplatz!


On Saturday, 6 May in the whole City

Free, wild, poetic and simply good! That’s the YOUNG STAGE Guerilla Circus Group, which will parade through the streets of Basel on 6 & 7 May and will inspire young and old for circus. The group will perform at popular places and will amaze you!

timing and route:

  • 13.15 h | Steinenvorstadt
  • 14.15 h | Freie Strasse
  • 15.15 h | Barfüsserplatz
  • 16.15 h | Gerbergasse
  • 17.15 h | Kaserne
  • 18.15 h | Rheinbord Kaserne

(The times can be adjusted again)

Facts & Figures

Free entrance!
The shows of the Open Air Circus Spectacular are for free! There will be a collection. Now you can also support the Open Air Shows via TWINT!

top artists!
Creative and innovative circus shows are presented in the open air. Some of the artists are former festival participants of YOUNG STAGE. The artists are not only from our neighboring countries, but also from all over the world. It will be a spicy and exciting show and spectacle is guaranteed!

Circus Parcours for kids
Even children should be inspired by circus and be allowed to be artists themselves for once. At the Circus Parcours, which takes place at the Kaserne and the Barfüsserplatz, kids can try out various circus disciplines for free. Guided by professionals!

A variety of catering options!
Surrounding restaurants, food trucks, coffee mobiles and beverage spots make a visit to the Open Air a culinary delight as well. Treat yourself to a delicious espresso, a cold ice cream or a refreshing beer and marvel at the spectacular performances of the artists.

And what if it rains?
We make every effort to ensure that all shows can take place. In case of bad weather we reserve the right to postpone or cancel certain shows. We try to inform as early as possible on our channels. Stay tuned!