The participants have the chance to win several awards and engagements in  circus- & showproductions in Switzerland and abroad.

The following awards will be given 2020:
Golden Star CHF 5’000.– Prize sponsor: BANK CIC
Silver Star CHF 3’000.– Prize sponsor: Merian Iselin Klinik
Bronze Star CHF 2’000.– Prize sponsor: COOP
YOUNG STAR Price CHF 1’000.– Prize sponsor: COOP
Prize of the audience CHF 1’000.– Prize sponsor: SAT.1 (Schweiz)

Spezial Awards

Cirque du Soleil award for innovative artistic vision and performance, CAN
Coup de coeur des 7 doigts, CAN
Award from Circus Monti, CH
Prize of the Circus-, Varieté-, and Artistfriends of Switzerland
Prize of the Swiss Federation of Circus Schools (FSEC)
Europa-Park Talent Academy Prize 

Engagement Prizes: 
Circus Roncalli, DE
Feuerwerk der Turnkunst, DE
Palazzo Colombino Basel
Europa-Park, DE
GOP-Varieté, DE
“Stille Kracht” / Casino Theater Winterthur, CH  
subject to modifications