Cast 2022

14 acts from 12 different nations will rock the stage at YOUNG STAGE in a breathtaking show. On this page you will find all information about the Cast 2022.

Aerial Straps

Clara Laurent (USA, France)

“My number pays homage to an ideal world, one where power is checked and balanced, and where everyone is treated fairly and humanely, while also shining a light on the injustice that pervades our current world. The act is guided by excerpts from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.”


Duo Cyr Wheel

Duo Leole: Leonie Körner & Ole Lehmkuhl (Germany)

“The act is about encounters: How do we approach one another as humans? How do we talk to each other? Playful, serious, encroaching? And how did we imagine to meet? Does the conversation we are having represent the one we had layed out in our mind beforehand? Or is it all different?”


Chinese Pole

Ron Oppenheimer (USA, Germany)

“During my time at École Nationale de Cirque in Montréal, I lost a lot of people over the course of a year. I was in an incredibly dark place and felt the only way out was to take everything I was feeling and put it into my art. Making this act saved me from that darkness. Making this act helped me personally go through the stages of grief and when I ultimately arrived at the end of the journey, the piece had transformed into an homage to those people who were lost, and a way to experience nostalgic feelings and memories of them with others.”

Slack wire

Antino Pansa (France)

“My act is based on my personal story. I come from a very modest Samaka family, originally from Suriname, who had no idea of art. They didn’t know that you could make a living from the circus. The music in my act is a sort of confession of the happiness of my parents and one of my brothers.  They are happy to see me succeed in my passion.”


Aerial Straps

Duo Mico: Caroline Huang (USA) & Maxime Piché-Luneau (Canada)

“If we are lying to ourselves about who we are, this negative energy causes us to fight with not only ourselves but our partner. We eventually push them away and out of our lives. It is only when we come to terms with our own reflection and realize who we really are, that we can be at peace with ourselves and others.”

Hand to hand & Icarian games

Duo Ginger Moustache: Sophie Nusbaumer & Calou Rais (Switzerland)

“The perfect day for Sophie would be to sit in a bar with a friend and talk for six hours in a row. She just loves talking. Calou is a bit the opposite…We have used traits that are very close to us in real life and stylized them, exaggerating some aspects of our personality and making them absurd.”

Handstand/Contortion Duo

Angelina & Alexandra (Ukraine)

We are best friends and performing means a lot to us. Nothing brings us so many emotions than when we work on stage. We have been working on stage since we were children and we realized already a long time ago that we want to dedicate our lives to the circus.

New wave of magic

Maxim Voronin (USA, Ukraine, Russland)

Before entering the stage, I always run the act in my head and tell myself, “Well you got this far in this amount of time. Nothing will be better or worse than what you have prepared for in this exact moment, so go out and do your best. And if you fall, then it is your destiny at this moment to learn from.” Performing is my life. I wake up and go to sleep constantly thinking about new ideas, what else I can bring new to the circus world, and what I can do better. To perform on stage, it is like to feel free and happy for me. I get energized from it and I can continue making new things and evolving.

Hand to trapeze

Trio Vertex: Isis Clegg-Vinell, Cornelius Atkinson, Nathan Price (United Kingdom)

“Everyone in the circus community struggled during the pandemic, and everyone was so supportive during that time. We wanted to capture that somehow, and began creating material with this idea of “support’” in mind. How people can be there for one another, and how together we can help each other keep going.  “Hand to Trapeze” is the ultimate expression of that idea, it’s a discipline where you rely so heavily on others to hold you, to catch you, and to keep you safe.”

Antipodism & Footjuggling

Pipsa Ilpala (Finland)

“I’ve dreamed about performing since I was very very young. My family has no artistic or performing background at all so it took me a while to figure out my way into performing.The name of the act VARIS is Finnish and it means “a/the crow“ I had done some projects in Finnish nature earlier and when we started to work on the music we both felt strongly that it belonged to the song. Afterwards we thought that you can hear and see crows around the world, just like circus.”

Hand to hand

Oliver Layher & Kyran Walton (USA)

“Originally when making our act we had the idea of envisioning ourselves in an old circus ring with no one there. Oliver really wants to perform and Kyran simply doesn’t. The key aspects of our act are friendship, curiosity, balance, unity. It’s inspired by traditional and contemporary circus, dance, and movement. It’s a reflection of ourselves and our story together.”

Yo-Yo Performance

Shu Takada (Japan)

“My act’s theme is “Ninja”. Ninja were warriors during the age of the Samurai. I would like to bring some of the aesthetics and feelings from that era into my next performance, as there are similarities between my modern yoyo tricks and ancient Japanese weapons and fighting styles.”

Double Korean Cradle

Arctic Ensemble: Minna Pulsa, Orfeo Llewellyn, Linnea Purontaus, Anselmi Kaisanlahti, Ada Forsberg, Pihla Ojala, Eino Kaisanlahti, Armas Lintusaari (Finland)

“There are always three people having to work together in perfect unison to create a balanced and powerful swing. We have to feel each other’s breath and timing to stay in sync as the two bases are only in contact through the flyer they are holding.”



Canaval Twins: Florian Canaval & Michael Canaval (Austria)

“This our our dream job. The possibilities of tricks and how to present them are endless. You always want to get to the next level, and that’s addictive. For this act we have to be in top shape and need to train hard every day.”