YOUNG STAGE Code of Conduct

YOUNG STAGE has and insists on clear values, which are communicated and lived.

  • Every person, regardless of gender, social and geographical origin or religious and cultural affiliation is welcome at YOUNG STAGE and will be treated with respect.


  • All artists and team members of YOUNG STAGE should feel well and valued during the festival.


  • All persons involved are required to ensure optimal team spirit. No self-interest should be pursued, especially if it harms other people.


  • Any form of psychological or physical harassment will not be tolerated.


  • Any problem or concern – artistic or personal – will be taken seriously. The best possible solution will be sought together as a team.


  • There will be no favouritism towards any particular artist and no betting on who will win which prizes at the festival.


  • YOUNG STAGE has no influence on who wins which prizes. The jury of experts is solely responsible for the distribution of prizes.


  • SAFETY FIRST applies in all areas of YOUNG STAGE, both on and backstage as well as in the audience area, during rehearsals and shows as well as during technical set-up and dismantling.


  • Only qualified persons (riggers, technicians) may hang props and technical installations. Everything that is mounted in the air and on the ground is checked by the rigger.


  • There is a clear safety and accident/emergency concept which is presented to the key people in the team every year before the première. This concept is adhered to under all circumstances.


  • YOUNG STAGE ensures that performers have access to appropriate medical services at all times, including specialist (sports) doctors and physiotherapists.


  • Injured performers will not be forced to attend rehearsals or performances. In case of injury or pain, doctors or physiotherapists will always be consulted and only when they give the green light will the possibility of the performer resuming his/her activity be discussed together.


  • The artists may at any time adjust their acts so that they can be performed without pain or risk of further injury.


  • YOUNG STAGE takes all feedback – positive or negative – seriously and seeks to continually improve on the points raised and develop year by year.